India is a land of culture and traditions. Across the length and breadth of country every state, city, town has different traditions which are being followed up since ancient times.

Today with the globalisation, people are being dispersed to various locations across the globe far away from their home town. Joint family concept has also being diminishing and more and more people are living solo. This also led to gradually disappearance of the Rituals and Customs which were being followed. While there is intent to follow on the traditional customs and rituals, but the lack of reference and details on how the same is to be complied with leads to non-following of the practice.

Further at times we also have the curiosity on the certain rituals / customs which are being followed. Many times we follow in certain rituals on as is basis, a baton being passed on from one generation to another. There are questions which comes up as to Why is this specific pooja done on particular day, Why fast is being observed and many such other questions comes up.

All this thought brought us to the making of this website. While discussing with our Great Grand Parents, Grandparents, and other ancestors, it brought to light certain things and the logic behind the following up on the rituals. With the inputs received from the discussion and other sources we have compiled them and put this on the website as easy reference material. Further we were delighted to have on board few of writers who willingly accepted to join in this forum to ensure that we leave behind the trail of the Customs and Traditions, for the upcoming generations, which are currently and were being followed and for which our country India is proudly known for.

We would further invite guests who would like to contribute in our journey on spreading the knowledge and keeping intact the Cultures of India. You can reach out to us via our email address and we shall get back to you at the earliest.

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