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Things to keep in mind on the ancestral side
Things to keep in mind on the ancestral side -

According to religious texts, performing ritualistic rituals gives peace to the souls of the ancestors. It is believed that during the 16 days of Pitrupaksha, all the ancestors come to Prithvi Loka to bless their families. They are also part of their family, donating tarpan, shraadh and pind for them. Performing these rituals is also important because it helps a person's ancestors to cross their favored realms. At the same time, those who do not offer pinddaan of their ancestors get paternal debt and pityrush. Therefore, if you are doing shraadh of ancestors during Shraddhapaksha, then these things should be kept in mind -
• In Shraddha ritual, the eldest member of the family, especially the eldest son of the family, should get the entire ritual done.
• Before bathing ancestors, take a bath and wear clean clothes.
• Wear a ring made of kush / grass, it is a symbol of mercy and is used to invoke ancestors.
• As a part of the mass donation, offer a round mass made of barley flour, sesame and rice.
• Offer food prepared for Shraddha to the crows as it is considered to be the messenger of Yama.
• Offer food to Brahmins and recite the stories of Ganga Avataram, Nachiketa, Agni Purana and Garuda Purana.
• Resolve on the day of Pitru Paksha and chant this mantra -
"Ye Bandhava Bandhava va ye Nhanamani Bandhava (ये बान्धवा बान्धवा वा ये नजन्मनी बान्धवा)
Te Triptimkhila Yantum Yachhmatato Alvakshti"(ते तृप्तिमखिला यन्तुं यश्र्छमतत्तो अलवक्ष्छति।)

• In the place where you have drinking water, light a lamp of pure ghee in the evening every day. With this, the grace of the fathers will always be on you. Keep in mind that there should never be any stocked utensils.
• On the day of All Pitra Amavasya, make 5 pieces of rice flour and wrap it in red cloth and drain it in the river.
• Burn a cone made from cow dung and mix ghee, barley, sesame and rice with Google and sunbathe it in the house.
• Also donate some Dakshina (Rupees) with white sesame in any temple of Lord Vishnu.
• Mix raw milk, barley, sesame and rice and drain into the river. If these measures are done at sunrise, it will be good.
• Offer food to a Brahmin in Shraddh or donate the ingredients including flour, fruits, jaggery, vegetables and Dakshina.
If you cannot perform Shraddha, then offer black mole in a river and offer it. This also reduces Pitra dosha.
• In Shraddha Paksha, Pitru becomes happy by donating a handful of black sesame to a learned Brahmin.
• In the Shraddha Paksha, remember the ancestors and feed the cow with green fodder. The fathers are also happy and satisfied with this.
Praying to Suryadev and praying that you can offer my ancestors a shraddhaya salute and satisfy them.

Do not do this work during Shraddha Paksha
Do not do this work during Shraddha Paksha
Do not do this work during Shraddha Paksha -

According to the scriptures, no auspicious work should be done on the days of Pitrupaksha.
• Do not buy any vehicles or new items during this time.
• Also, do not consume non-vegetarian food at all. If you wear janeu during shraddha karma, during pindadan, place it on the right shoulder instead of the left.
• The person performing the Shraddha ritual should not bite his or her nails. Apart from this, he should also not shave or shave his hair.
• Do not consume tobacco, smoke cigarettes or alcohol.
• If possible, do not wear slippers for all 16 days.
• It is believed that in the fortnight of Pitru Paksha, Pitru comes in your home in any form. Therefore, in this fortnight, no animal or human being should be disrespected. Rather, food should be given to any creature that comes to your door and be treated with respect.
• The person doing Shraddha in the Pitru Paksha should strictly follow Brahmacharya.
• In Pitru Paksha, it is forbidden to eat certain things like- gram, lentils, cumin, black salt, gourd and cucumber, mustard greens etc. should not be eaten.
• Do not use iron utensils for rituals. Use gold, silver, copper or brass utensils instead.
• If Shraddha Karma is performed at a particular place then it gives special fruit. It is said that by performing Shraddha in Gaya, Prayag, Badrinath, the fathers get salvation. Those who cannot perform Shraddha Karma on these holy pilgrimages for any reason can donate tarpan and bodies to any holy place in the courtyard of their home.
• Black mole should be used for Shraddha Karma. Don't forget to use white sesame seeds.
• Do keep basil while making pindadan.
• Shraddha Karma should not be performed in the evening, night, morning or during the dark.
• On the ancestral side, cows, Brahmins, dogs, ants, cats and Brahmins should feed as much as possible.

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