Maheshwari Origin Day | Mahesh Navami | Maheshwari

Maheshwari Origin Day | Mahesh Navami | Maheshwari

Let's talk about another glorious tradition with Indian tradition, different flowers of many castes have blossomed in the garden of this country and despite being different, all are one and all respect each other's feelings.

Ever since the development of human civilization, man does not remain alone. He lives happily by being bound by family and relationships.

As much as the person needs the family, the society is also needed by the society, the person gets the identity from the society, and we can understand this Individual - Family - Society - City and Country |

Today I am talking about Maheshwari Samaj. The origin day of Maheshwari society, which is celebrated as Mahesh Navami, on the ninth of Shukla Paksha of Jeshtha month. It was started from Jyeshtha Shukla 9 Yudhishthar Sawant 5159 and till now people of Maheshwari community have been celebrating this Maheshotsav. On this day Lord Shiva is worshipped, Shobha Yatra is taken out and there are many cultural programs where the people of the society are also honored. They are also called Marwaris because of their belonging to the Marwar region in the state of Rajasthan, India.

It is said that 72 Umrao were cursed by the sages for breaking the penance of the seven sages and they became stones. When the wives of stone-turned-Umraos pleaded with God, then Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati gave new life to these Umrao. But the weapons were not left from his hands. On this Lord Shankar said to take a bath in the Suryakund, as soon as his weapons got melted in the water, and "the weapons, swords and shields of those Kshatriyas became writing sticks and scales." From that day that place became famous as "Lohagirl" and even today there is that place by the name "Lohagarh" near Sikar in Rajasthan. Where people take bath in the pool and worship and offer prayers to Lord Mahesh.

Sheetla Mata

You see in the 5 letters of Maheshwari, I, H, Sh, V, R all have knots as if they were born from the tangled hairs of Shiva. The 72 Khapes (Gotras) of Maheshwari society were formed from 72 Umrao and this day is being celebrated as Mahesh Navami - Maheshwari Origin Day.

Gradually this society expanded and started progressing in every field. The society was organized and the symbol of the society was made according to the Indian culture, in which "Lord Mahesh on the white lotus seat is adorned with a trident and a damaru on Shiva seated in a dark linga."

Lotus, dear to all the deities, is sacred even after blooming in the mud and the bilva leaves on the lotus indicate the three qualities "Service, Renunciation and Virtue". So one reaches the pinnacle of society. The origin of Maheshwari caste is contained in the root and is the blessings of Shiva and Shakti.

Ajmer self in 1891. Shri Loival ji laid the foundation of social organization under the chairmanship of Diwan of Kishangarh and it is a matter of pride and pride that this organization of Maheshwari Samaj was the first caste organization.

Along with the proclamation of Jai Mahesh, the works of the society started which were helpful in the welfare of the society as well as in the human interest. Maheshwari brothers gathered and started contemplating and small meetings took the form of Mahasabha.

Today we have not entered the 21st century just like that. Earlier, many evils of the society like purdah system, child marriage, dowry system etc., announced the boycott of purdah system in 1929, the number of women in this session was more. In 1931, a proposal was made regarding widow marriage, which was passed in 1940. Opposition to the dowry system in 1946 and Maheshwari Samaj is the first society in the country which prohibited child marriage. Sharda Act 1930 in 1930. Act 1930 was placed by Dewan Bahadur Hari Vilas ji Sharda Ajmer.

Even today Maheshwari society is continuously active. Many trusts have been formed by the society for the society, which work for the society from time to time. The organization of Maheshwari caste is wide Maheshwari is not only in India but Nepal, Bangladesh, America and other countries and on the basis of their intelligence, skill and ability, whether it is education, political or administrative officer or playground, any field, Maheshwari is from anyone. Not less. Social people stay ahead in public service too. Seva Sadans have been established in many cities of the country and many works are being done in future also.

Whether it is food or dress or rituals, Maheshwaris have their own style.

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