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Why we apply swastik?

In Hindu Sanatan Dharma, a sign of "Swastika" is definitely made before starting any worship, recitation or auspicious work.

Swastika is considered very auspicious. It is said that making a "swastika" makes any work successful. According to the tradition of Hindu religion, it is very auspicious to make a "Swastika".

The origin of the swastika is made up of the Sanskrit "Su" prefix and "As" metal. "Su" in Sanskrit means to be auspicious/mangal and "Asti" means to be auspicious and auspicious.

Always use red color while making "Swastika". Because red color is considered auspicious in Indian culture. For wealth growth, home entry, planetary peace, Vastu defect prevention, business growth and profit in a new shop or else a "Swastika" is made before reciting any worship. Without this no worship can be started.

Om and Swastika are considered to be symbols of auspiciousness. According to Vastu Shastra, making "swastika" removes the effect of negativity. According to the direction, it is considered auspicious to make a "swastika" in the north-east direction. This brings the energy of positivity. Wealth, health, happiness, good fortune, progress, prosperity and peace are all available where the swastika is made.

Apart from India, "Swastik" is also considered auspicious in other countries. Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism have also given great recognition to "Swastika".

In Hinduism, the four lines of the "swastika" symbol have different meanings. "Swastika" has been interpreted from four Vedas, four seasons, four eras. There are two types of swastika - "right swastika" and "left swastika".

The right swastika - symbolizing 'male' and the left swastika - symbolizing 'female'. The lines of the swastika show a lot, the vertical lines of the swastika symbolize the origin of the universe and the horizontal line is the expansion of the universe and the point in the swastika is considered as the "navel lotus" of Shri Vishnu ji. From there is the origin of the universe. The midpoint of the swastika is also considered a symbol of direction.

Importance of swastik
Importance of swastik

"Swastik" is also considered as a form of Ganesha. Just by making a swastika symbol, Ganesh ji is established.

The shape of the swastika is like the money form of mathematics. A horizontal line and a vertical line form a "swastika", meaning these lines are formed together, then it is also considered a symbol of union.

Applying "Swastik" in the right way leads to completeness and concentration. Swastika gives energy of positivity. Our health is also related to this. If "swastika" is made outside the house, then it keeps positivity in our house and keeps improving health.

While making "swastika", we make the line of it from bottom to top, it means that we move towards progress.

This mantra should be chanted while making the swastika -
"Om swasti na indro Vriddhashrava:
Swasti Na: Pusha Vishwaveda:
Swasti Nastakshay Arishtanemi:
swasti no brihaspatidardhatu
Om Shanti: Shanti: Shanti: .."

In other words : "Indra Dev" with great fame, bless us, "Pusha Dev" as the knowledge of the world, bless us, whose weapon is inexhaustible, "Garuda God" bless us, O "Jupiter Dev" bless us.

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